At The Marks Group, we can be as technical as the best geeks around.

That’s because our people are certified in the applications we sell and recommend. And, like our End User Services, we deliver our services either remotely or onsite, depending on your needs.
Here are the services we offer for ALL of the applications we sell and recommend:

Software Selection

Choosing the right application is not easy, especially if you don’t do this for a living. We provide Software Selection Services to help those companies searching for the right sales and marketing, CRM or business application for their company. As part of these services we exclude ourselves from participating in the selection process so that we can be fair and impartial. We bring our twenty years of experience in the technology world to this process and many of our clients look to us as their representative when creating specifications, searching for technologies, choosing applications, negotiating agreements and implementing.

Project Management

Most of our projects bring together many parties. Our own people provide much of the work but we also outsource specialized services to programmers and developers around the world. Hardware infrastructure and network security services are also frequently required by personnel with those qualifications. At our clients, technical, administrators and user input needs to be coordinated. To accomplish this we provide our own project management services. These service begin with building a detailed project plan and continue with managing project tasks, goals, objectives, budget and timetables. Most of our larger clients rely on us to provide project management expertise.

Installation and Configuration

We frequently perform, or supervise the performance of software installation. Even for our cloud based solutions, local software may be required to accomplish user accessibility. We coordinate the work of other parties, such as network security, email and other hardware infrastructure experts. We setup users, teams and groups We help configure security, roles and relationships. We setup Internet Facing Deployment.

Design and Customization

We provide full customization services for all of the applications we support. We create custom fields, tables and lookups. We configure security. We design user screens, views and reports. We setup user workflows and automation. We create macros. We setup “onload” and “onevent” scripts to automatically update forms and screens.

Cloud and Mobile

All of the applications we deliver are cloud and mobile supported. We provide services to ensure that users are accessing the information they need from any device they use — smart phones, tablets, laptops.


The applications that we sell come with application programming tools for developers. Which means that programs and scripts can be developed to read and write data from one database and into another. We develop many applications that bring information to other applications and databases. We have in-house programmers and we frequently outsource programming work to our network of other certified developers around the world.


Our services include integrating the applications we sell with other applications, databases and web-based services. This includes accounting, phone, communication and collaboration systems such as Microsoft 365, Google G Suite, Slack, Box and others.