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Pipedrive: Field Mapping During Imports

By January 31, 2022No Comments

Have you ever done an import in Pipedrive, only to find that the system created, say, deal records when you were only trying to import contacts? This tip will show you what to pay close attention to in the field mapping step of an import to avoid this in the future.

This is a common issue! In the “field mapping” phase of the import process, double check the icons next to the Pipedrive field name, and make sure they match your intentions:


The person icon is for contacts, the building icon is for organizations, the target icon is for leads, the dollar sign icon is for deals, calendar icon is for activities, note icon is for notes, and the box icon is for products.

So, if you accidentally include a deal field in a contact import, you’ll end up with a series of new deal records with only one field of information.

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