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Office 365: Replace with your Organization’s Domain

By April 2, 20182 Comments

If you are still logging in to using a “” domain, it may be time to update this with your organization’s domain.   You may also see this recommendation pop up on the Office 365 Portal Admin Home page:

It’s easy–ESPECIALLY if your domain is with GoDaddy–and free!

You should either have access to your organization’s domain information yourself, or warn your webmaster ahead of time so they watch out for the verification code/email (which expires 60 minutes after being sent). DNS Settings must also be updated manually if you do not use GoDaddy–another reason to warn your webmaster/DNS manager! Please note that you must be a Global Administrator to do this.

From the Office 365 Admin Center, go to Setup–>Domains:

You will see a list of domains and their status. To add a new Domain, click “Add Domain”:

Enter your domain name (this should be the same as your regular company email):

Next, verify the domain by sending a verification email to the webmaster OR by having them add a TXT record into Neustar. NOTE: If you use GoDaddy, you can just select that option and sign in from this screen! If you don’t see that as an option, your Domain is not hosted with GoDaddy.:

Proceed to the next screen. It will ask how you want to use your Domain with Office 365. Select your required options and specify if this is for on-prem mailboxes or not, then proceed to the next screen.

You will need to add the specified DNS records to your DNS in a separate window or tab.

After waiting about 15 minutes for the DNS to update,  go back to your Office 365 Domain Set-up page, and select “done, go check”.


That’s it! You can now sign in with your actual email, instead of the “” domain.

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  • Richard says:

    If i already have ms exchange connected to my domain in another Microsoft account will this setting cause any harm in our current email flow?

    • Megan Hagedorn says:

      Hi Richard,
      Yes, this would impact your other account. Microsoft support may be able to assist with this, however–I’d suggest opening a ticket. Good luck!

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