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Lightning Related Tab versus Related List Quick Links

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After transitioning to Lightning, you may find related list information in two places; on a tab and on the right hand side bar. This isn’t very efficient and may be confusing to users.

You will first decide where you want the related list displayed and how.  You can remove them from one of the locations so it will be displayed once.  You can display some lists in the Tab section and some in the Side Bar such as Activities.  Or you can use Related List Quick Links so that you get most out the page layout space.  The Quick Links make it easy for users to go straight to the section, hover and see details, and provides a cleaner layout.

Note:  When making changes to the Lighting page layouts, be sure to be consistent so the screens are the same.

To open Lightning Page Layout have the page to edit open (e.g., Account, Contact, Order, etc.) and click on the Gear icon and choose Edit Page.  The Lightning Page layout screen will display.

To Remove a Related List from the Page Layout:

  1. Click the “x” on the left of the Related tab in the Tabs

  1. The tab will be removed from the section.

To Add Related List Quick Links to the Page Layout:

  1. On the right hand of the screen, under Lightning Components, find Related List Quick Links.
  2. Click and drag the component to the Page Layout screen. It can be placed in the Side Bar or in the heading.

  1. The related lists that are displayed as links are driven by the object page layout. To add more, go into the Object Manager and make changes there.

After you have made your changes to the tab section click the Save button.  If you have not activated the page layout yet, choose to Activate as well.  You may need the assistance of your Salesforce Admin to choose the activation settings.

After you have saved the Lighting page layout, click the Back button to return to the Salesforce Page.


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