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After transitioning to Lightning, the default tab on page layouts is Activity and tabs for objects you don’t use may be added.  Most users use the Details tab for the majority of the time and want Activities to be seen alongside of them.   So you will need to go into each Lightning page layout and make a couple of changes.  The most popular are to set the Details tab as the default and move it to be the first in the list.  You may also want to add or remove tabs and change their order.

Note:  When making changes to the Lighting page layouts, be sure to be consistent so the screens are the same.

To open Lightning Page Layout have the page to edit open (e.g., Account, Contact, Order, etc.) and click on the Gear icon and choose Edit Page.  The Lightning Page layout screen will display.

To Change the Default tab:

  1. After all of the page has loaded, select the section that has the tabs.
  1. On the right hand side of the screen, change the Default Tab to be Details.

To Change the Tab Order:

  1. Drag and drop the tabs in the list under Tabs to the desired order.

To Add/Remove tabs:

  1. To remove a tab from the layout, click the “x” on the left of the tab name in the Tabs

  1. You can add a tab, click on Add Tab in the Tabs
  2. By default the Details tab will be added. Click on the name and choose another tab to display from the list.
  3. Click Done. The new tab will be added to the layout.  You can move its location per above.

After you have made your changes to the tab section click the Save button.  If you have not activated the page layout yet, choose to Activate as well.  You may need the assistance of your Salesforce Admin to choose the activation settings.

After you have saved the Lighting page layout, click the Back button to return to the Salesforce Page.

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