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If a Dynamics user recently left your organization and you need to reassign their records to someone else, or need to reassign a select number of records for any reason, here are two ways to accomplish this:

  1. Reassign ALL Records (best for situations where an employee left the company)
    1. Go to Settings -> Security
    2. Select Users, then open the User you want to reassign all records for
    3. Select Manage Roles:
    4. From here, you can reassign ALL of the user’s records to yourself or another user or team:

This will reassign all records regardless of their status—so Inactive and Active records both will be reassigned

  1. Reassign SOME Records
    1. To reassign select records, you can either
      1. navigate to an individual record and select the Reassign button at the top
      2. go to a View, select the records, then select “Assign”:
  • My preferred method: go to Advanced Find and search for + select the appropriate records, then select Assign:


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