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As you are probably aware, Dynamics CRM is undergoing some changes and one of them is a new name, Dynamics 365. My blog posts this month will focus on some of the functionality updates available in v8.2 and our next meetup will review them in more detail. Be sure to sign up and join us!

If your organization uses the activities entities (tasks, appointments, phone calls, etc.) then you are likely familiar with the social pane view that is available on the main entities. You may also know that the social pane is barely customizable so I’m very excited about this update. You can now determine how you want to sort activities in the social pane. By default, they are sorted by modified date and in most cases this might be fine but having the ability to change how the activities are sorted is very helpful.

Open the form editor and double click on the activities section to see the properties. Go to the Activity Wall to change how items are sorted.

You may also notice that one of the options is to sort by a field called Sort Date. This is a field that can be set in a workflow so each activity type can use a different sort date. For example, you may want to sort emails by their sent or received date while sorting appointments by their end date. If you set the sort date field accordingly, then you’re able to sort activities by the different dates.