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Wow, just wow. It’s not every day that I get to learn something new about GoldMine. Check this out;

One of the biggest issue we see in the field involves the non-completion of scheduled items. This can lead to messy and loaded calendars, and worse; it leads to capturing no good history.

Did you know that you can mass-complete from within the Activity List? The way it works is this;

  1. Open your Activity List via Go To | Activities.
  2. Using the drop downs (User, Date, etc) get the list of Activities you want to auto-complete.
  3. Right-click within the list, select Options, then Auto-Update.

From here, you can Complete or Delete the list of Activities all at once. You can also use the Activity Types and Date Range checkboxes to further control what is actually Completed/Deleted.

I highly recommend backing up your GoldMine before doing this!