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If you’ve always wanted to change the Main Tile names in your Dynamics CRM instance, you are in luck! One awesome new feature in Dynamics 365 is the ability to rename the Main Tiles.  This new enhancement is so great for clients with different Business Units (Residential vs Commercial, Private vs Public, etc) or internal lingo that doesn’t jive with the default labels. We’ll also be touching on making changes to the Site Map–I’ll continue that discussion in the next blog.

Changing Main Tile Names

First, sign in to your Dynamics 365 instance.

Select the Carrot next to Sales, then Settings, then, Customizations:

Click Customize the System:

This opens the Default Solution. Under Components, click Client Extensions. Select the Site Map you wish to edit, then select Edit.

This opens the Sitemap Designer. This thing is so cool–we’ll be revisiting next month. For our purposes today, we will just rename the main tiles. You can also change the icon . Select the tile you wish to edit:

Change the Title to whatever you need–you will see a live preview reflecting the change. To finalize the change, just select Save, then Publish:

Thanks for following along! If you have any questions, feel free to comment below.