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How Do I Use Zoho CRM Territory Management?

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What is Zoho CRM Territory Management and How Can It Benefit Me?

Territories work as a means to assign accounts, contacts, deals and users based on geographical parameters. Using Zoho CRM Territory Management is really helpful when you have several accounts over a large area and you want your users to be able to focus solely on those accounts, contact and deals. For example, if you have a Sales Manager who oversees the Mid-Atlantic region, with several Account Managers who oversee one or more of the states within that region. This will also help you in setting separate forecasts based on territory. Read More

Using Layouts to Manage your Zoho CRM Pipelines

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We posted a previous blog on the basics of Zoho CRM Pipelines, and how they can be used to better manage your financial information and revenue streams. But there are more advantages to using pipelines beyond this. They are also a great way to streamline your sales process across multiple teams using pipeline-specific layouts. When initially setting up your Zoho CRM organization it is easy to build these in right from the start, although they can always be created at a later time as your business requirements grow. Read More

Introducing the Zoho CRM Pipeline Feature

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Did you know that Zoho CRM has a multiple pipeline feature that enables your company to easily separate revenue streams? Pipelines are the expected amount of revenue in open deals based on the deal stage. If you have multiple sources of revenue it can be hard to easily keep all the revenue separate to see detailed financials. And that’s where multiple pipelines come in! Keep reading for an introduction to the Zoho CRM Pipeline feature. Read More

Important Update: Changes to Zoho CRM Plug-in for Outlook

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If you use Outlook as your email client then you are likely using the Zoho CRM plug-in for Outlook available in the Zoho Marketplace. Zoho released an important update this week – that plug-in will no longer be supported after March 31, 2021 as it relies on Token Authentication. But do not despair! There is a more secure plug-in that is currently available through Outlook itself. Here is how you install this Zoho CRM for email Outlook Add-in and the new features you’ll now have access to. Read More

Zoho CRM Stage Probability Mapping

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A big part of any CRM system is the ability to see your current sales pipeline and forecast your expected revenue based on where in your sales process a Deal is. Zoho CRM, with its nearly endless customization options, helps you set stages that make sense for your company, and assign forecasted percentages of the deal amount to effectively manage your pipeline. This is called Zoho CRM stage probability mapping.  Let’s see how it works! Read More

Zoho CRM Lead Conversion Mapping

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When creating new lead entries in you would expect pertinent information to transfer over to other modules once the record was created. The point of Zoho CRM is to be more efficient, after all! But how do you ensure all the information you want to transfer does? By using Zoho CRM lead conversion mapping! Read More

Streamline With Zoho CRM Dependency Fields! (VIDEO)

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When creating your module layouts in Zoho CRM you have so many options and fields that it can get confusing. One great example of this is in picklists – they can get pretty long pretty fast, and you might not want to see all the values if they’re irrelevant based on what values you may have selected in another picklist. Sound a little confusing? Once you get the hang of it you may discover how much easier this can make your work life! Nobody likes scrolling through tons of items on a list when only a couple are applicable. And that’s where Zoho CRM dependency fields come in handy! Read More

What are Zoho CRM Tab Groups? (Video)

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There are many ways in which you can customize Zoho CRM to allow access to different information depending on the user and what the do. Profiles, roles, data sharing settings, territories, module layouts… So many ways to customize! Sometimes it can seem a little overwhelming, both as a user and as an administrator. Zoho CRM Tab Groups are one easy way to keep your team focused and on track! Read More

How to Use Zoho CRM Layout Rules (Video)

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We all know that Zoho CRM is a great tool, and so easily customizable that it can fit your needs in any industry through extensive customization. But where to start? After mapping out what you need to accomplish and how your operational processes work, the next step is typically module customization, or as I like to call it the foundation of your CRM! Let’s look at one customization you might not be familiar with, and how it can help your teams understand the information they need to gather – Layout Rules. Read More

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