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Zoho CRM Zia Lead Conversion and Deal Closure Prediction

Did you know that Zia in Zoho CRM can help predict the probability of a Lead converting to an Account/Contact and generating a Deal, and the probability of winning that Deal? This can help you gain a more realistic view of your sales pipeline and help you understand which clients may need more attention to convert to an account/contact and win the deal. Zia gains this ability by looking at your past performance – how you interacted with a client and what those Leads and Deals had in common. In previous posts we talked about what is Zia is and looked at Zia’s Sales Trend Analysis capabilities. This week we’re going to explore Lead Conversion and Deal Closure Prediction so you can see how Zia can help you sell better!

How does Zoho Lead Conversion Prediction Work?

Lead prediction works by looking at your interactions with your Leads, such as calls, tasks and events completed, and how those interactions compare to the Lead converting to an Account/Contact/Deal or not. Once enabled, you will see next to the business card of each Lead record an estimation of your likeliness to convert and will also show in the grid view of the Leads home page next to each record.

** Keep in mind, there are conditions that must be met before Zia can make predictions, such as 300 each of both converted and not qualified leads in the CRM system. **

How does Zoho Deal Closure Prediction Work?

Deal Closure Prediction works very similarly to how Lead prediction does. It also takes into considerations such things as the overall sales duration as it moves through the stages. It finds patterns in the way you work and the outcomes that are achieved. As featured in our previous post on Zia Sales Trend Analysis, these patterns will also help determine suggestions on how you can improve your sales process. In addition to seeing your likeliness to win as a percentage next to each record’s business card and in the module grid view, you can also view color-coded probabilities (green/high, yellow/medium, red/low) in the module Kanban view, and the Zia notifications will also display this information.

** Keep in mind, there are conditions that must be met before Zia can make predictions, such as 1,000 Deals generated in the last 15 months, with at least 300 each Won and Lost, and 20 closed within the last 30 days. **

Lead and Deal Conversion Prediction can be set-up quickly and easily by your Zoho CRM Administrator, and once enabled you will soon see the benefits of these predictions! Check back again next week for even more tips on what Zoho CRM Zia can do for you.

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