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What is Zoho CRM Analytics?

Zoho CRM Analytics is a powerful way for you view and analyze your data in custom views to meet your business needs. Analytics components are created in custom Dashboards and can also be added to your Home screen, giving you an overview of what matters most to you in just one glance. Let’s explore how to make Analytics work for you!

What Are Zoho CRM Dashboards?

A Dashboard is a collection of components that are all grouped with a common data theme. Each dashboard can contain up to 10 components. A component is a single representation of information based on parameters associated with a CRM module or relationship between modules.

The good news about dashboards and components is that Zoho has pre-built several for you right out of the box! These can easily be modified to suit your needs by editing or cloning – hover your mouse over the component and use the three dots in the top right to open your options menu. Additionally, just like module views and reports you can create your own. To create a component you first need to create a dashboard or have an existing dashboard with fewer than 10 components already added. To create a new dashboard, navigate to the Analytics module and click on the + beside DASHBOARDS. Name your dashboard and choose whether you would like to share it with other users in your organization.


Select a component type from the left sidebar and then the style from the pop-up window. Note there is only one style when choosing Anomaly Detector, and you can choose to add an existing report to a Chart. Name your component and select all the parameters you’d like to apply.

And there you go! You now have your own custom view of the data you need to see, in a format that makes sense to you.

Hope this tip helps make your everyday work life easier and more productive. Don’t forget to check out our recent post on using module custom views for more ways to make your data work for you!

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