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Upgrade your Salesforce App to Lightning

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Although you may be viewing your Org in the Lightning format, you may also have run an upgrade.  If you are unable to make changes to layouts and such and/or the Information icon says to upgrade, then you will need to do the following:

  1. Click on the Setup (Gear) Type “App Manager” in the Search box.
  2. Select App Manager.

  1. Find the app needed to be upgraded and click on the down arrow at the end of the record.
  2. Select Upgrade.
  3. Review the app properties and update them if necessary.
  4. If you have custom Lightning Home pages assigned to profiles in your org, and the app you’re upgrading is visible in Lightning Experience, you see a checkbox that lets you apply those Home page profile assignments to the upgraded app. Selecting the checkbox ensures that users see the custom Home page assigned to their profile when they’re working in the upgraded app, and that you can modify those Home page assignments if you need to.
  5. Click Upgrade.
  6. Your Classic app is copied and upgraded for Lightning Experience. You now have two versions of the app: a Classic version, and a Lightning version. After you upgrade it, the Classic app is no longer accessible in Lightning Experience via the App Launcher. You still see the Classic app in the apps list, but with the Visible in Lightning column deselected.
  7. The two versions of your app now must be managed separately. Future changes you make to the Classic app won’t be reflected in the Lightning version of the app, and vice versa.
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