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Salesforce: Enabling Salesforce Email

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Salesforce has many ways to send email directly from records.  You can automate templates, create letterhead, and send customized notifications.

Before you can send e-mail from Salesforce you will need to configure you users’ e-mail settings.  This will send the messages with the same look and feel as your regular E-mail client (e.g., Outlook, Gmail, etc.)

To set up your e-mail:

  1. From the Username drop down in the right corner of the screen choose My Settings.
  2. Click on Email –>My Email Settings.
  3. Enter how you want your Name to display in outgoing messages.
  4. Enter the Email Address to use for the return address. These may have been configured when your user was set up.
  5. Select Yes if you want a copy of the outgoing email to be sent to you using the return address.
  6. Enter the text for your email signature. This will display on the outgoing messages as a default.  You can use e-mail templates and letterheads to customize your signature.
  7. Click Save.

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