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So honestly, just discovered this the other day while moving around the app area of lightning.  How new is it?  Couldn’t tell you but I think there’s a very useful app called the “Lightning Usage App” which helps companies track how many people are using it, how many are not and it can even tell you what needs to be changed to effectively use lightning.

As we all know by now, is REALLY pushing the Lightning switch.  They’ve made a lot of advancements, the development is cleaner (I think at least), there are features I can finally take advantage of and it’s not just a different interface.  As those that have followed by blog posts know, I’ve been slot to adopt but am doing more and more with it.  So, let’s take a look at the app together….

First things first, let’s find the app.  Go to the Tic-tac-toe box in the upper left (app launcher) and select your app in there.

From here, there’s an out of the box dashboard that shows number of users, active users in Lightning per day, the days where there were most users in lightning.  Now mine is REALLY boring as my instance has 1 user.  But you at least get the idea.

However, there are some amazing reports when you click the other items on the left which shows you how many users keep going back to Classic, what browsers are being used and the pages most viewed.  Really nice stuff (and yes, I’m guilty as charged for going back and forth).

At the top though, there’s an area to run the optimizer for your own knowledge.

Not a lot of options beyond this page — either run the optimizer or go back from the splash page (next screen).  Allow the access, click the “Got It” and wait for your report.

Don’t expect an immediate email, I waited all day for mine but it did show up a few minutes later in the “Files” section where they upload the PDF.  Shame on me for not noticing that, but I don’t think I ever really got the email unfortunately.

Anyway, PDF is a nice sheet, lays out some areas for improvement, your data situation, custom fields, etc.  Here’s just a snippet.

So, don’t be afraid to jump right in and check things out.  I have a lot of folks ask me about “switching to Lightning” — it’s NOT a permanent switch.  You can go back and forth, you can migrate slowly, you can even migrate departments slowly.  The app will help you but the optimizer will prepare you.

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