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How to Create a Salesforce Approval Process

By May 31, 2022No Comments

A Salesforce approval process is a very useful tool in Salesforce to limit quotes, opportunities, or other changes that may require a manager’s intervention to make it active.  For instance, you may want to have an opportunity “approved” if the value is over $5,000.  Maybe a quote or the win could also be limited to an approval.  What’s really nice is that the option to add the approvals as a related list is also there so you can see the history of the particular record.

How Do I Create A Salesforce Approval Process?

  • Go to Setup and type in Approval to find Approval Processes


  • Select the object for which you will be setting up the approval process and under Create New Approval Process you can choose whether to use the Jump Start Wizard or the Standard Setup Wizard – we will choose the Jump Start Wizard


  • In the Jump Start wizard give a name for the process, choose criteria (or multiple criteria), then choose how it’s approved.  You can either select a specific user or use a managerial hierarchy based on the owner  or even multiple approvers



  • Once after you create the process, remember to activate the process to take effect.  To do that, click “View Detail…” on the next page and then click the Activate button


From there you’re able to edit the steps, make more changes for alerts, and other changes to the process.

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