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Microsoft Office 365

Office 365: Use Multiple Accounts with Office 365

By June 27, 20198 Comments

Microsoft has made it easier than ever to use multiple accounts with Office 365.  Keep reading to learn how to sign in and switch between multiple accounts.

Open an Office 365 application on your computer, then select your name in the upper right corner. Select “Sign in with a different account”:

Enter your username and password:

Allow your organization to manage your device:

To toggle between accounts, just select one of the accounts below the first. It’s instant and easy!:

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  • warren says:

    so you think logging in and out of different accounts multiple times a day is a good idea?

    • MeganH says:

      Hi there,
      This is a requirement for a number of people with student, professional, and personal accounts that need to be kept separate. It’s certainly preferable to use a single account, but just not possible for many folks!

      • Todd Schamberger says:


        We’re struggling with multiple O365 accounts at my firm. People frequently get errors when they try to access resources without first switching between O365 accounts.

        Do you have a link to the documentation in which Microsoft says that this logout-then-login technique is the only way to handle multi-account environments? Thanks!

        • MeganH says:

          Hi Todd,
          I do not, but I can speak to my experience as a consultant frequently logged into different organizations at once. If folks at your firm need to switch between accounts in desktop applications, this post should do the trick. But, if they need to switch between accounts online, on for example, it’s more complicated. I like to use the “private browsing” modes in different browsers for different organizations, which keeps things tidy and separate. Not using incognito/private browsing mode in the browsers can lead to caching issues when trying to log out/log back in, in my experience. Good luck!

  • Troy Byers says:

    I have two accounts on Office 365: one for work and one personal. It seems that Outlook in each account has to be the same; I cannot have my personal email associated with the Outlook in my personal account and my work email associated with the Outlook in my work account. I want to have my work email associated with my work profile, likewise my personal email associated with my personal account. When I added my work email address to my work profile, the email account associated with my personal account switched to my work account. I went into my personal account, added my personal email and removed the work email. I went back to my work account and the changes I made in my personal account were also made to my work account, namely that my personal email was added and my work email removed. Is this just a feature of Office 365 that I cannot separate email across two different accounts, or a flaw? Thanks for any insight!

  • Atis says:

    Well. lets be honest – using multiple accounts with Office just sucks – because Microsoft does not know how to implement it correctly. They should learn from Google.

  • Sam says:

    Sir, User Name and password is known by other unauthorized person, can we able to identify , who is using the office 365 mail. if it possible or how to identify the unknown person.

  • HVJ says:

    Microsoft has to learn from Gsuite. How easy for users to have multiple accounts at the same time and I do not why old outlook sty,ed support is not there in O365 online edition. MS is forcing me to delete multiple accounts and use one account for business activities like sales@ feedback@ query@ etc and how can I log out or log in one at a time. Microsoft is surely loosing some level of business due to this reason. If I have to manage 3 small business accounts at time as a CEO is not possible and that is forcing me out of O365 to GSuite

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