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There is one particular new feature from the October 2018 Office 365 update is one that I am so excited to enable and try out.  Outlook now has the ability to automatically dismiss event notifications/reminders for events that have already taken place.  This is just one more way to keep Outlook as clean as possible.  To enable this feature, keep reading!

1. Go to File–>Options–>Advanced:

2.  Under the “Reminders” section, select “Automatically dismiss reminders for past events”:

3. Select OK:

All set!


  1. And Mac is still the bastard child of Office365 that isn’t on feature parity with the Windows version….. sigh.

  2. hmm… that option is gone in my Outlook … is that something that a central IT department has control over and can make it go away, so they can keep the reminders pestering us ?

    • From what I can tell, there might be a Powershell command or Group Policy setting that would allow your IT Dept to limit that option, but if that’s the only option you notice missing, I’m wondering if your Outlook instance needs to be repaired.
      If you want to try that, in your computer settings, you should be able to access your apps or software, then find Office 365, and either select “Repair” or “Modify”, then one of the repair options, depending on how much time you have! I did check to see if you would be able to access the advanced options from, but the settings are pretty limited. I wish I had a more concrete answer for you!

  3. I only recently learned about this feature and I LOVED it. Sadly, it appears they have deprecated the feature now.

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