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Microsoft recently added the ability to create “announcements” in channels.  Announcements look sharp and will catch your users’ attention–especially if you mark it “important”!  We’ll walk through creating one below.

Begin by selecting the “Format” icon under the text input box:

In the upper left corner of the text input box, you can select the arrow next to “New conversation” to choose between that and “Announcement”:

Type a headline, subhead, announcement message. Format as desired and select the background color or image on the right side of the screen:

You can mark an announcement or message as important by selecting the “!” icon:

This is the completed announcement:


    • Hi Stephanie,
      Yes, if you hover over the announcement and select the “…” on the right-side, you should have the option to delete the post, along with “Save this message”, “Edit”, etc.

      • I don’t have an option to delete the announcement but I do have save this message. If I didn’t save it would it show up? I can’t figure out why my delete isn’t showing, any ideas?

        • Hi Patty,
          Copying and pasting the response I gave to another comment–
          This sounds like it could be a permissions issue or a bug; you can check under the Team settings for delete permissions, and I believe there might be global permissions to check in the Office 365 Admin Portal for Teams. Here’s a thread describing the same behavior in the event that it’s a bug– Good luck!

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