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Dynamics 365: Microsoft Adds Teams Integration

By June 27, 2019One Comment

Dynamics recently added proper integration with Microsoft Teams and have released a series of articles to assist with the installation and use of Dynamics within Teams.  I’ve found these instructions to be particularly well-written and have copied them below.  Before you start working with Dynamics in Teams, you must enable the integration from Dynamics’ system settings.  This allows you to access Teams documents from Dynamics and adds a “Collaborate” button which opens records in Teams.

About the integration

Install and Set Up

Collaborate on records with Teams

Dynamics 365 Bot for Teams

Use the Personal Dashboard in Teams

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  • Udit Handa says:

    As a collaborative tool, Microsoft teams has been doing wonders. This really makes a strong case for MS Dynamics 365 when it comes to ease of use.
    I hope this does not make teams slow as it was the case with Microsoft Outlook integration.

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