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Microsoft Teams – Enable Teams and Access Admin Settings

By February 28, 2017No Comments

Hello, and welcome to the Microsoft Teams section of the blog! Teams is a brand new, real-time collaboration tool from Microsoft. To kick off the blog, we’ll review exactly how to enable teams (and find Admin settings), assuming you have access.

Access Administrative Settings

Log in to using your appropriate credentials. Select the grid next to Office 365 and find the Admin tile:

If you do not see the Admin tile, try looking under the New tab–especially if you’ve recently been given Administrative access. You can right-click and Pin to home for easier access next time:

If you still cannot find the Admin tile, you’ll need to contact your IT Department and/or primary Administrator.  Please note that it takes a few minutes for the tile to appear once you are assigned Admin privileges.

Find and select Settings, then Services & Add-Ins:

To quickly find the service we’re looking for, search Microsoft Teams  and select it:

Enabling Microsoft Teams

The Microsoft Teams settings panel will appear. To enable Microsoft Teams for your organization, click on the switch:

Administrative settings for Microsoft Teams can be found by expanding each section. We’ll be going over some of these individually in the coming months. Be aware that any changes you make here apply to your entire organization, so please exercise caution. The settings section I’d like to highlight today is the Calls & Meetings section.  Here, it’s possible to disable video in meetings and screen sharing in meetings if your organization does not use those features:

Be sure to Save any changes you’ve made!

Note: Bots are still in development–we’ll be revisiting this in the future!

If you’re having trouble enabling Microsoft Teams using this method, try signing up via

Feel free to use the comment section below if you have questions about this post. Thanks!




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