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Microsoft Teams – Edit Existing Messages or Comments

By August 1, 2017No Comments

Here’s another quick tip to add to your MS Teams arsenal: edit existing posts. Maybe you can’t stand typos. Maybe you need to update old information. Whatever the reason, Microsoft Teams makes it incredibly simple to go back and edit as needed.

All you need to do is navigate to the comment or message you wish to edit, then hover over the “. . .”, then select edit! Note that your cursor must be on the message you want to edit before the “. . .” will appear:

Make your edits, then hit the paper airplane to save. Please note that I typed ‘UPDATE’ — there is no automatic text to indicate what has changed:

Upon updating the post, an “edited” status will be visible. Hovering over “edited” shows the modified date:

So far, version control has not been implemented. Also important to note, you cannot edit others’ posts, nor can you edit emails sent to channels, even if they came from your email.

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