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Microsoft Office 365 – Quick Access Toolbar and AutoSave

By August 30, 201712 Comments
UPDATE  12/4/17: It has been brought to my attention (thanks Alane!) that this feature is no longer available for MS Word 2016. I will update this post again if that changes!
The Quick Access Toolbar is an often overlooked feature in Dynamics 365, and I wanted to highlight a particularly neat capability in this tip.  Depending on the program you’re using, the options for the Quick Access Toolbar differ. Below are just the OneNote, Excel, and Word Toolbar Options:


The “Automatic Save” feature in the Excel & Word Quick-Access Toolbars is priceless. I highly recommend enabling this option, which you can do by selecting “Automatically Save” in the toolbar options above. When enabled, you have the option to toggle AutoSave on/off:
I encourage you to consider the other Quick Access Toolbar customization options in case they can help improve your efficiency in any way.
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  • Alane McKinnon says:

    The Automatically Save in the quick access toolbar is available in my Excel and PowerPoint 2016, but it seems to be missing in my Word 2016. Maybe I’m missing something?

    • Megan Hagedorn says:

      Hi Alane,
      You are so right! I just checked this myself and it seems that they removed the “Automatically Save” option from the Quick-Access Menu in Word, and the support documents about Auto-Save no longer mention Word. I will update this post!

      • Kristy Nguyen says:

        Hi Megan,

        I really like the Autosave feature. This is the sad news that this feature is no longer in Word. I wonder if there is anyway to add this feature back in.

        Thank you

        • Megan Hagedorn says:

          Hi Kristy,

          If you set up your document to be saved to OneDrive or SharePoint Online, the Auto-Save feature is still available!


  • Chris says:

    How do I remove the very annoying feature from my QAT permanently

    • Megan Hagedorn says:

      Hi Chris,
      If the AutoSave feature is not for you, you can remove it by unchecking the “Automatically Save” option in the QAT menu. If the Auto-Save feature is already added to your QAT, you can also remove it by right-clicking “AutoSave” and selecting “Remove from Quick Access Toolbar”. I have not found a way to remove the option from that drop-down menu shown below, however:

  • Most of the people use the MS Word and it is true. But from the recent update, the autosave facility will not be available in the MS Word. So I suggest you to adopt the Microsoft Office 365.

    • Megan Hagedorn says:

      The most recent update, based on my testing and documentation, indicates that the AutoSave feature IS available for MS Word (2016) and Office 365 subscribers. However, you must be saving your file to a OneDrive destination. Please see here for more information

  • Uber Support says:

    This is pretty great post. I´ve been thinking of starting a blog on this subject myself.
    thank You.

  • Annie Bartlett says:

    I just converted to Windows 10 and am trying to get all my customizations the way I want them. The one thing I cannot get to work is, when I am opening a file in Excel 365, and I click on Browse Folders, it ALWAYS defaults to This PC and not to Quick Access. Not a big deal but when you have the browse screen minimized, you have to scroll up to get to the Quick Access folders aka Favorites. I have searched everywhere for a solution but there doesn’t appear to be one. I also tried to put back Libraries and that doesn’t show at all when I click Browse Folders. Kind of annoying.

    • Megan Hagedorn says:

      That DOES sound frustrating. I also just tried finding a solution for you and unfortunately wasn’t able to come up with one. One thing I did notice in my tests–If you go to File–>Options–>the “Save” category, you’ll see a checkbox for “Don’t show the Backstage….” and “Save to Computer by default”, and you can specify a location below. When I had both of those options checked, the “Browse” button opened This PC (which was not the default location I specified), but when I had neither option checked, the “Browse” button opened the Quick Access folder in the File Explorer window.

  • I have recently noticed that an Auto save button has appeared on the quick access toolbar in Excel and PowerPoint. I am running MS Office 2016 professional.

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