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Microsoft Office 365 – Share or Send a OneNote Notebook

By August 30, 20174 Comments

If you’ve adopted OneNote as your note-taking program of choice, you’ll probably want to share or send a Notebook at some point. Luckily, OneNote makes this quite easy. I’ll note that the instructions below also apply to individual Sections in Notebooks! There is also a difference between sharing and sending–when you share a Notebook, you’re sharing a ‘living’ document that will always be up-to-date, while sending a notebook just sends a copy of a specific file.

Share a Notebook

Sharing a Notebook (or Section) allows you to share a ‘living’ document with people– depending on the permissions you set, users can either view or edit the document. To share a Notebook:
Navigate to the Notebook in OneNote:
Right-click the Notebook and select “Share This Notebook”:
On the next screen, enter the name or address of the people you’d like to share the document with. You can set their permissions to either “Can edit” or “Can view” (this is easy to change later). Click Share when finished:
All set!

Send a Notebook (or Section, or Page)

To email a copy of a Notebook, we actually need to export it first. Select the Notebook you need (same as above), but this time, click on File:
Click Export:
Select Page, Section, or Notebook depending on your needs. I recommend choosing OneNote Package as the file type unless you know it won’t be used in OneNote:
Include it as an attachment in an email, and that’s it!
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  • Kelly says:

    But how do you share an email in Outlook 365 to OneNote 365. I keep clicking the OneNote button, but the email is never shared. Evernote works great, but will cost me additional money. I’d like to use OneNote since I’ve already paid for it.

    • Megan Hagedorn says:

      Hi Kelly,
      If you select the “OneNote” button in Outlook in the “Move” category, then choose the Notebook it should be copied to, you should be able to find the email in the selected Notebook. If that’s not working, try opening OneNote first. I’m not able to post screenshots but please feel free to email me at and I can walk you through it.

  • Bernie says:

    I find a lot of articles like this on “how to share a notebook” but none of them actually deal with the other end, where the other person wants to actually access a notebook that has been shared with them.

    All I have been able to do is open in a web browser, I can’t open the notebook in my OneNote 2016, or OneNote 365. I want the shared notebook to show up along with my own notebooks so it’s easy to use and access along with my own.

    Or can it not actually do this? Is the only way for the “sharee” to see it is in a the web app w hich seems to me to be a serious limitation?

    Also, I found that when a “sharee” makes an edit via the web app it’s marked as “GU” as in Guest User, but doesn’t specify which of the people that the notebook is shared with made the change. I thought it would show which person made the change.

    Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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