GoldMine: Tagging GoldMine Contact Records

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Tagging contact records is a way to hand-pick multiple contacts to perform certain operations.  Tagged records are treated the same as an activated filter or group.

  1. Open the Contact Search Center by clicking on the Search button on the toolbar.
  1. Search for the contacts you want tagged. If they are part of a filter or group you can use a Power Search to display them quicker.
  1. After the records display, select the checkbox of the first desired contact. This will select it.
  1. Select the checkbox of the next desired contact and both will be considered tagged. To continue tagging additional names, keep selecting the respective checkboxes or hold down the <CTRL> key while clicking on a record.
  1. The blue Title bar on the Contact Record window will show how many records are currently tagged.

  1. Continue to perform additional searches as needed. The records will remain tagged until you release them.  If you tagged a record you didn’t want tagged, remove the check mark and it will release the tag on that record.  If you click within the Contact Search Center without the <CTRL> key down the system will ask if you want to release the tagged records.
  2. After you have all the records tagged, you can use the Save button to save the tagged records as a Group, or Export the list with data columns to Excel. Use the Schedule, Merge, or Add to button options to perform other actions such as Scheduling an activity, performing a Mail Merge, or adding the records to a Distribution List or Group.
  1. To release all the tagged records, close the Contact Search Center or click on a record (not their checkbox) without the <CTRL> key pressed down and the system will prompt you to release all of the tagged records.
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