GoldMine: Creating a GoldMine Referral

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When you add a referral record to a contact, you create a link between the Referee and the Referred.  You can report and track referrals.

  1. If you haven’t already done so, create a contact record for the referee (person being referred to you).
  1. Return to the referrer’s (person making the referral) contact record and go to the Referrals.
  1. Right-click anywhere inside the tab and select New.
  1. This opens up the Contact Search Center for you to search for the referee (whom you may have just created). Double-click on the contact when you find it.
  1. This opens the “Referral Properties” window. Use the “Reference:” fields to define the relationship between the referee and the referrer.

Example: “Mother” and “Daughter”   or   “Vendor” and “Client”

  1. Click OK to finish creating the link between the two.
  1. Notice how double-clicking on any referral record will take you to that particular contact record.
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