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Dynamics 365: See Records on a Calendar using View Calendar Control

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One of the coolest new features in the Unified Interface is the ability to view any record with a date/time field in a Calendar format using an out-of-the-box “Calendar Control” that you can set up from a View.  In the example below, we’ll set up a Calendar Control for activities.
To begin, we’ll create a copy of an existing system view.  In the Unified Interface, select the gear in the upper-right corner, then select “Advanced Settings”.  Click Settings->Customizations->Customize the System to open the classic solution.  Expand the Activities entity, then select Views and open the View you want to clone:

Select “Save As” and give the new View a name (Activity Calendar):

Click “Custom Controls”:

Select “Add Control”:

Select “Calendar Control” then “Add”:

Select the pencil next to “Start Date” and choose the field you want to use as the start date (I’m using “scheduled start”):

Repeat the same process for “Description” and “end date”:

Select OK, then save and close the view, then publish your changes.
Refresh your Dynamics activity page to see the new calendar view.

If you’re still not seeing it as a calendar, you can select the “…” on the far right of the menu, then “Show as”, then “CC_Calendar_Name” (or similar):

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