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If you’re missing the “My Apps” navigation item from the Settings menu, you’re not alone!  Only a handful of clients have had this menu item available by default.  You’ll want to access the “My Apps” page to set security roles for all unified interface apps.  It’s also a great place to identify web apps vs unified interface apps.  Keep reading to learn how to add this manually.

To edit the sitemap from the Unified Interface, select the gear in the upper-right corner, then select “Advanced Settings”.  Click Settings->Customizations->Customize the System to open the classic solution.  From here, select “Client Extensions”, then select the sitemap you want to edit:

Determine where you want to add the new menu item (I’m adding it to the “Customizations” section in Settings), then select +Add ->New Subarea:

Add the following URL: /tools/AppModuleContainer/applandingtilepage.aspx and set the title to “My Apps”:

Save and publish your sitemap.  Refresh your settings page to find the new menu item:


If you don’t see it, but confirm the URL is correct, you didn’t edit the correct sitemap!

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