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Microsoft has fulfilled a long-awaited request in Version 9 – multiselect option sets! There are numerous use cases where multi-select option sets might be helpful, such as “areas of interest” or “States where company does business”, et cetera. Multiselect option sets are available on main forms, quick-create forms, and quick-view forms. 

To create a new multiselect option sets, head to the appropriate entity’s form editor, then select “New Field”:

After giving the field a name, select “MultiSelect Option Set” from the “Data Type” drop-down:

At the Marks Group, we always suggest using global option sets instead of local option sets. This allows you to reuse an option set across any field and any entity. To use or create a global option set, select “Yes” for the “Use Existing Option Set” selection:

Click “New” to create a new global option set, or select an existing global option set from the drop-down (you can use the Edit button to edit the global option sets as needed).

Save and close the field and head back to the form editor. You may need to refresh the page to get the new field to appear. Add the field to your form and publish.

Now we have the option to add multiple selections via this new field type:

They appear as an array once selected:

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