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Did you know that you can format a Single Line of Text field as an interactive Phone Number, Email Address, URL, or Stock Ticker symbol?  Keep reading to learn how to format this data type!
When you create a new field and select “Single Line of Text” as the data type, there is a “Format” drop-down that allows you to set the format for this field.  Each format type will allow you to interact with the text in the field. For example, if you format a field as “Phone number”, you’ll be able to select that phone number and open a phone client to actually place a call.  If you select “URL”, Dynamics will automatically create a hyperlink to that url.  “Text Area” is another format option–this allows you to have multiple lines of text, but the maximum length is still 100 characters (by default).  The Data Type “Multiple Lines of Text” is still a better option if you require a large number of characters.

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