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If you are starting to use Flows, this is an important (and quick) tip!  If you use an automated flow with Dynamics and set the trigger to “when a record is created” or “when a record is updated”, you MUST first enable Change Tracking for the entity that will be triggering the Flow.  Without this, when you attempt to run or test the flow, it will fail.

Head over to the settings/customization area to open the solution.
Classic Interface: Settings->Customizations->Customize the System
New UI: Gear in upper right corner->Advanced Settings->Settings->Customizations->Customize the system
Expand Entities and select the main entity page for the entity you want to modify:

Scroll down and enable the Change Tracking checkbox in the “Data Services” section:

It appears that most out-of-the-box entities have Change Tracking enabled by default, but it’s worth checking just in case.

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