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Dynamics 365: Add a Wait Condition to Complex Workflows

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Did you know that you can add a wait condition to a workflow? This can be particularly helpful if the workflow is complex. Sometimes the system can get ahead of itself and cause workflows to fail if too many actions are being performed too quickly. For example, if a record needs to be created, then populated to a lookup field (if you created a contact record then updated a lookup on the Opportunity with that new contact, all in a single workflow), you’ll want to use this tip!

Open a workflow, then select “add step” and insert a wait condition wherever you see fit. In the example I gave above, I would add a wait condition after the record was created. Select “click to configure”:

Here, you can either configure the wait condition to look for a field value (examples: Wait until status reason=”In development”, or wait until field A = field B), OR you can configure it to wait a specific amount of time, which is what we will be doing below. In the dropdown, scroll all the way down and select “Process” from Local Values. Then, select “Timeout”.


Select “Equals”, then click inside the date field. Over to the right, select the amount of time you want the workflow to wait. Finally, select “Duration” from the dropdown. Save and close this window:

Continue with the workflow as needed!

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