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If you’re migrating to Server-Side Synchronization soon, here’s a second important tip to make the transition as painless as possible!
If you missed our first tip, you can find it here.
Depending on what dates you chose for the “Process Emails From” settings, you may want to consider temporarily deactivating any workflows that run “On Creation” of Email Messages or Email Attachments.  Otherwise, you could end up triggering workflows for each email message that is created.  Imagine you’re processing emails starting from 6 months ago–that would create a lot of process sessions and/or system jobs, clogging up the system.

There are a few ways to check for these workflows:

  • Create a view that shows more details about your workflows, specifically the “Trigger on Create” attribute–instructions here!
  • Sort by the primary entity the workflow was created in, then look for “Email Messages” or “Email Attachments”

Deactivate any workflows that would be triggered upon creation of an email message/attachment, then go back to your Email Server Profile and “Test & Enable Mailboxes”.

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