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Dynamics 365 CRM: Integrating with Applications via the Market Place

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM allows for integration with a multitude of applications that your organization may use today or want to use in the future. Having your CRM, which houses your Client data, integrate with an Accounting or email Marketing application can create operational efficiency by eliminating duplicate data entry, full history of Client communications and provide a more holistic view of your Clients.

Integrating Microsoft Dynamics CRM with other applications is easy and the steps below will provide a high-level overview on how to do so.

Open Microsoft Home Office 365 and on the Home Page, go to Add-Ins under All Apps

Once you click on Add-Ins the Business Apps screen will appear

On this screen, there are filters that can be applied by Product …

In this example, a filter was applied for Project applications. Microsoft Project is recommended, along with others listed below under App results.

or apply a filter by Category ….

In this example, a filter was applied for IT & Administration

You can also type the name of the application in the Search text box to find the application

In this example, Constant Contact was searched and found. Information about the application along with any requirements will be provided prior to moving forward with installation.

When you decide to do the installation and click on GET IT NOW, a message appears asking for permission to access contacts etc.

In this example, Constant Contact integrates with TEAMS. If you don’t have TEAMS, you’ll need to download the application. You can download the application onto your machine or access it on-line.

Other applications will have other requirements to install and access their application. Steps are usually provided by the Software Provider to walk you through the installation process as well as the initial set-up.

Once inside TEAMS, scroll down the left side of the screen to the bottom three dots, search for the app Constant Contact

Constant Contact will appear, and you can add your team as well as adjust permissions and other settings moving forward from this point

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