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Assigning Record Owners Using Zoho CRM Workflow

By November 30, 2021No Comments

The functionality of Zoho CRM workflows continues to expand.  Zoho recently added to the list of available actions and now you can assign a record owner through a workflow.

How Can I Set Up a Zoho CRM Workflow To Assign A Record Owner?

Follow the steps here to set up the Zoho CRM workflow to assign a record owner:

  • Start a new workflow
  • Select the trigger based on either a record action or date/time
  • Define the relevant criteria for when the record owner assignment will apply.
  • Select Assign Owner as the type of action

  • Pick how you want to assign the user based on one of the following
    • Category – Users , Roles or User Field
    • Criteria
    • Assignment rule – only the rules for the module will be available
  • Choose whether you only want to assign to users currently online and signed into Zoho
  • Check if you want to send an email notification
  • Choose which related records to transfer

If more than one user meets the criteria you have outlined, Zoho will assign to users on a round robin basis.

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