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Zoho Survey Integration with Zoho CRM (VIDEO)

By July 6, 2021No Comments

The Zoho Survey integration with Zoho CRM will allow you to engage with your leads and contacts in new ways.  You can capture their survey results in CRM without having to go into Zoho Survey.

Managing the Zoho Survey Integration With Zoho CRM

Each survey you create in Zoho Survey needs to be integrated separately with CRM.  To do this, you must go got Zoho Survey and go to the Builder for the specific survey you want to integrate.

Once you are in the Builder you will want to go to the Hub tab in order to set up the integration.

Within the integration, you will need to choose the CRM module you want to integrate the form with, map the fields you want the survey data you want to appear in CRM and choose if you want the survey to be added as an attachment.  After this, you will need to save the integration and your survey results will be captured in CRM whenever a survey is filled out.

Can I Share The Survey From CRM?

Once Zoho Survey is integrated with CRM, you will see a related list in the CRM record.  When you select this and go to the related list, you will have the option to send the survey directly to the contact.

In addition, you can access the survey when you are sending emails to your contacts by clicking on Insert Survey Link.


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