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Zoho CRM Zia Can Help with Mail Merge Templates

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Did you know that Zia in Zoho CRM could help write clean and concise Mail Merge Templates to engage your customers? If you’ve ever struggled to come up with the best formatting, language, and readability for your target audience you can use Zia to help you out. It’s similar to MS Word Editor, but better! Lets what it can do.

How Can Zoho CRM Zia Help Me Craft a Template?

When you’re creating a mail merge template you have in mind the audience you are targeting, the event, announcement, greeting, etc. that you are creating, and how those audiences should be targeted. But it’s not always easy to come up with the best phrasing, and you never want to send out a document with a grammar or spelling errors! Zia can help you with all of this, as you compose your template or after you are finished and ready to review. Simply click on the Zia icon in the left side of the top menu bar. Zia will analyze your document in a sidebar on the left.

Zia will first check for spelling and grammar errors. Clicking on either number will show suggestions for the words underlined in red in your document.


Next, Zia will look at the Ease of Reading, taking account of the number of run on sentences, polysyllabic words, and average sentence length. Here again you can click on any of the options to see an example the words included in the count and some suggestions on alternatives extra points if you can see the grammar error in this example!).

Lastly, Zia will examine your writing quality, including phrasing and sentence structure.

Remember, your contacts and clients are more likely to open and act on the email if it’s presented in the way you’ve intended and that appeals to them. So take advantage of Zia to help you craft the perfect email merge template! Make you sure you check back regularly as we continue to explore all that Zoho CRM’s Zia has to offer.

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