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Zoho CRM User Management Enhancements

By July 28, 2023No Comments

Zoho CRM user management now has some additional functionality related to managing subordinates.

What Are The Zoho CRM User Management Enhancements?

Zoho has now introduced user management enhancements that will help with how records are assigned and shared as well as how users are managed.

At a high level these changes include:

  • introduction of a new permission called List Subordinates Only which can limit who a user can share records with
  • updates to the Manage Users permission where limits can be placed on who can update user details

What Is The New List Subordinates Only Permission?

Until now, users had to have permission to view and update records before they could assign them to other users.  This could cause issues in the past with users sharing records incorrectly.

With the new List Subordinates Only permission, users can be restricted from assigning records to other users who are not their subordinates.

  1. Go to Setup, Users and Control, Security Control
  2. Click on a Profile (Standard in this case) and scroll down to Other Permissions.  You will see List Subordinates only.

When you enable this permission in any profile the users will be limited to assigning records only to their subordinates.  For example, if a user wants to create and assign a lead to another user, they will be limited to their subordinates only.

How subordinates are defined will depend on the hierarchy in place:

  • Role-based hierarchy – users who have a role lower than you will be your subordinates
  • Reporting hierarchy – users who report to you and users below those will be your subordinates

By default, the List Subordinates Only is turned off.  For Administrator profiles it is locked and cannot be turned on.

What Are the Changes To The Manage Users Permission?

Until now, anyone with the Manage Users permission could update the information on other users.  Now Zoho has split this permission into:

  • Manage All Users
  • Subordinates Only

The goal of this change is to ensure users are not making changes where it is not appropriate.

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