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Zoho CRM Email Integration with IMAP (Video)

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Zoho CRM email integration with IMAP is extremely valuable and easy to do. Once you complete this integration, all your emails will flow straight through to your contacts! Watch and read on to learn how the integration process works.

Step 1: Select your email service

Go to the Setup menu and then under Channels, select Email.  Once you get here, you will click the green “Get Started” button.

At this point, you will select the email service you are integrating. For the purpose of this blog, I will be using Gmail but you can configure any email service by selecting Other Mail.

Step 2: Choose IMAP

Regardless of which email service you choose, you will need to decide which protocol you will use – IMAP or POP. The main things you will need to consider is whether you need emails to be synced across all your device. The image below further explains the differences.

Step 3: Follow the IMAP Configuration Steps

If you choose IMAP, you will be prompted to select the email account and will get a warning screen related to Zoho accessing your account.   Because you are selecting IMAP, the warning will show that Zoho will be allowed to “Read, compose, send, and permanently delete all email from Gmail.” You will need to click “Allow” before you can proceed.

Once you click “Allow”, you will get the IMAP Integration theme.

If you choose one of the popular email services like Gmail all you will need to do is enter in your email address. You do not need to worry about the server details since they are automatically populated.


Step 4: Pick a Email Sharing Permission

Once your email is set up, you will be able to choose how other users can view your email. The screenshot below shows your options.

One consideration here is whether you are sharing contacts. If you are sharing contacts with other users, you will have to decide whether it will be helpful for them to also see the communication that has taken place with those contacts. You can always update the permissions as you need to.

Once you have chosen the permission, you can click save and Zoho will start working to add emails to any contacts with a matching email.

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