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Used to do these all the time in Classic, have even done a few tips on these.  However, in Lightning it’s very different in that they refer to it as a “list email” which you then have an option of an ad-hoc email or a template email.  I’ve yet to do a huge blast but from what I’ve done I gotta say it’s a bit easier than it used to be.

So to start, we just have to find a contact or lead view.  Something that we’ve already created which is great as you used to have to create a separate/new view for the email blast.  In this case, I’m just going to use my “Email test” view which is what I usually use when messing with email blasts.

I’m going to check both boxes here but you could just check a few (like if I had a list of 20, choose only 15 people to email to).  Once all checked, I’m going to click the arrow on the right and select “Send List Email”.

Now what throws you at first is that it no longer prompts for the template.  Instead, I could write an email right now and just blast the same one to each recipient (ad hoc style of email, maybe just a brief “check in”).

However, what we’re missing is that “dynamic content” that allows me do say “Dear <Insert first name here>” type of thing.  You can use the “review” tab but it doesn’t do much frankly, not unless we’re using a template.  So, let’s find a template.

Once you scroll down, that’s where the good stuff is.  You can attach a file (no biggie), but you also can find your merge fields or choose a template.

If I click the merge field, I get a selection of items I can insert.

If I select the template icon (all the way to the right), I get a selection of templates to choose from.

Once you do that work, now the review tab allows you to see what it would look like for each recipient.      

Click Send and they’re out the door.  Well, it says they’re queued at first.  However, a few minutes later you’ll get the email that they were sent.

Some things that are missing from Classic:

  • Can’t delay the send.  I used to be able to choose a time.
  • Can’t pick what it says in the history.  Used to be able to BCC myself, then write to history.  HOWEVER, the entire email now saves in history which it never used to.  This a good thing?  Not sure as it will affect storage.

Overall, easier to use that’s for sure.  Enjoy!

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