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After years of anticipation, we finally have the ability to create private channels! For the full details, including use case scenarios and a full breakdown of permissions, check out this article by Microsoft. Below, we’ll review the basics.

By default, team owners and members can create a private channel. Team owners can remove the ability for team members to create private channels by selecting the … next to the team name, then “Manage Team”:

Select the Settings tab, then expand “Member permissions”. Uncheck the second checkbox to disallow members to create private channels. Again, this is set individually for each team:

To create a private channel, we can stay in the settings area and select the “Channels” tab. Select “Add channel”:

Select the privacy setting on the first screen. Then, add members to the private channel. Members NOT added to the private channel will not see it in the channel list:

Private channels show a lock next to the name in the Team menu.

One final note–files shared in a private channel will be stored in a separate SharePoint folder.

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