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If you haven’t worked with this relatively new program from Microsoft before, I encourage you to check it out. Sway is like a super-modernized Powerpoint–it’s really good at displaying information in a clean way, but there is so much more room for customization than Powerpoint, which is pretty linear in design.

You can display information Vertically, Horizontally, or like a Slideshow. You can also specify right-to-left layouts as needed.

You can add multimedia directly from Services like OneDrive, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr (and more), or upload files from your device.

Here are two Sway links so you can actually check out a real “presentation”:

How to Sway
Universe Cheat Sheet

This is a great blog post going over Sway basics:

Microsoft’s “Getting Started with Sway”:


If you copy a Sway link and paste it into OneNote, the Sway presentation will embed automatically, so you can give it a try with the How to Sway example above:

So, next time you have a presentation or report to work on, consider trying Sway!

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