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Microsoft Teams -Tips for Meetings

By August 1, 2017No Comments

One of the biggest features of Microsoft Teams is the ability to easily meet, now or later, with audio or video.  If you’ve never had a meeting in Microsoft Teams but have been curious, this post is for you! When you begin a meeting, the audio initiates automatically. From left to right, we have options to: show/stop showing your webcam, mute/unmute, share/stop sharing your desktop, and end the meeting:

Meetings are channel-specific, and it’s easy to see when a meeting is in progress:

If you navigate away from the meeting window, a mini-window will pop up in the corner of your desktop. Just one click will open the meeting window back up again very quickly. When you share your screen, a red rectangle will appear around the border as seen below:

When your meeting window opens up again, notice the icon menu at the top-right. From left to right, these are options to open the meeting in a full-screen window, open up the chat, invite additional participants, and change your speaker & microphone device:

A better look at the meeting chat:

After the meeting ends, you can see the meeting chat and can send meeting quality feedback in the channel the meeting took place in:

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