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GoldMine : Dealing with the Process Monitor

By October 28, 2020No Comments

The GoldMine Process Monitor. Love it, hate it; either way we must all deal with it. It shows, for instance, automatic e-mail retrieval history, global update and deletion logs; it is the essential window into troubleshooting the GoldMine universe.

But why is it set to auto-hide itself by default? Untouched, the Process Monitor will hide itself along the bottom edge of your GoldMine. To view it, the idea is to float your mouse cursor over the top edge and it appears like magic.


Unfortunately, this does not always happen. If you have issues viewing or manipulating the Process Monitor, simply turn it into a Tab like this;

1. Float your mouse over the Process Monitor until it reveals itself.

2. In the top gray edge of the Monitor window, right-click and select “Show as MDI window”.

It’s just that easy. You’ll notice the Monitor is now it’s own tab, supremely visible and easy to get to. Of course, you can always turn it back to auto-hide by repeating the process.

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