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GoldMine : Creating Resources as Users

By May 2, 2017No Comments

Ever wanted to schedule a Conference Room or Service Truck on the Calendar in GoldMine? Simply create a new user. GoldMine allows you to create a infinite number of users, so this doesn’t affect licensing.

  1. From the top-level menu in GoldMine, select Tools | Users Settings. (You must have MASTER rights to do this)
  2. Click the “New” button to get started.
  3. Give the username a simple, descriptive value (i.e. TRUCK1 or CONF5) .
  4. Make sure to make a password for this account, otherwise anyone would be able to login with it.
  5. Ok your way out.

Now, when viewing the calendar, you can schedule TRUCK1 or CONF5 as a user. This will prevent double-booking of the same resource.

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