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Dynamics 365: Pinning Apps and Frequently Used Menu Items

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By pinning frequently used Apps and Menu Items in the Unified Interface, you create a denser and more efficient way to navigate the User Interface. Instead of needing 3 clicks to reach an Account screen, you can minimize it to 1 and instead of scrolling down multiple screens to Details, it can be saved and accessible as the first screen you see.

Here are some tips on how to access some of these shortcuts.

When accessing Microsoft Dynamics 365 Home, if you frequently use Sales, you can Pin this to the top of your page by doing the following:

Scroll down to Sales and click on the three dots in the top right side of the Sales box and select Pin this app

Once you select Pin this app, it will appear at the top of your Home page

Next, once inside Microsoft Dynamics 365, you’ll see the main screen with Home, Recent, Pinned My Work and other Menu Items listed down the left side of the screen

All activity in the UI is logged under Recent and if you select Accounts, a list of My Active Accounts will appear (see below)

Once you select the arrow beside my Active Accounts, a dropdown list will appear with a list of options that will provide different views that can be Pinned for more efficient access in the future. See below for some examples:

By selecting “Accounts I Follow”, this will appear under the Recent menu item on the left side of the screen. Once under the Recent menu item, it can be added to Pinned and will then appear under the Pinned menu items going forward.

This is an example of an Account I Follow and “Accounts I Follow”

The “Accounts I Follow” appears under Recent

Appears under the Pinned Menu Items

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