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Dynamics 365: New Feature – Check Access

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It’s not too often we get a new feature in Dynamics, so I’m excited to share this one with you this month! You may have noticed a new button on records in the last few months called “Check Access”, which gives you a summary of your access to any given record.  Administrators can even check other users’ access, which is great for troubleshooting, as the “security roles” screens are a bit clunky.

To check out this feature, head to any record, then select the “Check Access” button (you may need to click the “…”/See more button to find it):

A new window will appear.  From here, administrators can change the user specified in the “User Lookup” field at the top.  You’ll see a breakdown of all permission types and whether or not the specified user has those permissions, and how you have those permissions (what security role or sharing mechanism provided access) below that:


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