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There’s a sneaky new way to design and modify system views, and it’s hidden in the solution!  With the new view designer, you can drag and drop columns, easily modify the column width, and actually publish your view right from the view editing window.  It’s a bit tricky to find, so follow along to check it out for yourself.

Please note that system administrator or customizer privileges are required to follow along with this tip, but Microsoft will be rolling this feature out for all users (to create/edit personal views) over time.

Microsoft is slowly starting to phase out the “legacy” web view, so I suggest working in the unified interface (one of the “Hubs”) from the start.

Navigate to your advanced settings:

From the new page, go to Settings->Customizations->Customize the System.  The solution will open in a new window.   You can “try the new experience” to check out the new solution design as well!

If you decide to use the “classic” solution window, scroll down to the item called “Model Driven Apps” to continue.

If using the “new solution experience”, select the “Apps” section, then the app you want to access:


In the “Entity View” section, select any of the tiles that says “Views”. You can change the entity in a moment:

Select the entity you want to work in from the drop-down box. Select “Create New” (right above the drop-down box) to create a new view, or select an existing view to edit it:

This opens the new view designer.  You can expand the “Filter criteria” section to add filters:

Below that, you can access attributes from the entity you chose from the “Primary Entity” column attributes, and any related entity attributes can be accessed from the second option:

Drag and drop any field to the header section of the table — if you drag the attribute to the center of the preview table, it won’t “stick”:

You can quickly adjust column widths by selecting the column header, then using the up/down arrows as needed. You can also change the sorting behavior by selecting the arrow next to the attribute name in the table preview:

When you’re finished, don’t forget to save and publish your work!:

The final product in the Sales Hub unified interface:

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