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Hello again! This quick tip will allow you to add images to your emails & email templates in Dynamics 365.  This is particularly handy for promotional emails and images in signatures.

There is a catch, though–the image MUST be hosted on a publicly-accessible URL. Unfortunately, this means HTTPS won’t cut it, which rules out using Web Resources. If you end up doing a Google image search to find the image (helpful for logos), be sure to use one with a reliable host. This helps minimize the risk of the image suddenly disappearing in the future! Alternatively, you could visit your organization’s website, right-click, and select “view source”  or “view page source” and begin sifting through the .jpg or .png files with ctrl+F.

First, create or open the email/email template that you’ll be adding the image to in Dynamics 365.  I’ll be using an email that is created & sent in a Workflow (note that Workflows must be deactivated before editable).

Next, the image you wish to include in the email. I like to open that image separately in a new window or tab, then right click and select “Copy Image”:

In your open email/email template, find a good spot for it and paste the image in. I wasn’t able to resize the image in Chrome, but it’s possible in Firefox:

Finalize your workflow or email template, and send a test message. The image should appear–if you use Outlook, you may need to right-click and ‘download the images’.

Thanks for reading, and please feel free to leave a question down below!

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  1. Process that worked for me:
    “Inspect element” to open inspection pane.
    Go to image you want to use and “copy element” HTML from inspection pane.
    Paste HTML into body of email template.
    Go back to webpage and copy image url.
    Go back to template and replace image HTML code with URL.
    Test – should work

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