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Got a client that didn’t like the existing calendars and activity lists on the home page.  So, what we did was add in a custom tab (at the top) that actually just loads the calendar page by itself.  It’s pretty easy to do actually – here’s how (we’re doing the “activities list” as the example here).

This one gets a bit above me, but we have to start with a visual force page.  Go to the setup area, search on “visual force” and choose “Visual force pages”.

Then click “New” at the top to create a new one.  Give it a label, a name, etc.  The markup is the kicker and that’s where we need to put this in here:

    <apex:page action="/00U/c">
    Please wait...

For calendar, use the code above, for activities, use this:

    <apex:page action="/007">
    Please wait...

Save it and we’re about half way there.  Now we need to find “tabs” under “create” in the setup tree.

Scroll to the “visualforce tabs” section near the bottom of the screen.  Click New.

Choose your page (the activity or calendar page), give it a name, etc.

Choose the visability rules on the next page couple of pages and you’re all set.